Why Does My AC in Sunrise, FL Keep Overheating?

An overheating air conditioner can trip your circuit breaker, which cuts its electricity supply and shuts it down. If it doesn’t trip the breaker, its safety features might kick in and turn it off, but either way results in a lack of cold air. Below, we will cover reasons for an AC overheating in Sunrise, FL.

A Clogged Air Filter

An AC air filter helps clean your indoor air, thus protecting your family from the irritations that poor indoor air quality causes. As the filter catches more pollutants, they build up on it, blocking air from entering the system.

In turn, the air conditioner struggles to draw more air from your living space. It works for a longer time than usual, resulting in overheating.

Consider getting a new air filter every one to three months. Remember to check the filter’s MERV rating when you go shopping for one. A filter with a higher rating will clean your indoor air more efficiently. Check your manual to ensure you’re buying what the manufacturer recommends.

Dirty Indoor and Outdoor Coils

Your air conditioner has two essential parts: the indoor part and the outdoor part. The indoor component houses the evaporator coil, which absorbs heat from the indoor air. On the other hand, the outdoor coil accommodates the condenser coil that releases the heat absorbed in your house to the environment.

A dirty indoor coil cannot absorb heat efficiently, while a dirty outdoor coil cannot release heat efficiently to the environment. This forces your air conditioner to overwork, resulting in overheating. Scheduling regular maintenance services helps to keep all your system components clean.

Refrigerant Leaks

When the indoor coil absorbs heat from your indoor air, the refrigerant relays this heat to the outdoor coil. Pin-size leaks on the refrigerant lines may cause the fluid to leak.

Refrigerant leaks reduces the amount of heat it can remove from your house to the environment. Signs of refrigerant leaks include hissing and gurgling sounds from your air conditioner, or your system blowing arm air. Schedule repairs immediately if you hear these noises.

Whether your AC is overheating, you’re starting to hear weird noises or you just want a professional opinion, look no further. Call us at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for professional air conditioning services.

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