4 Signs of an Inefficient AC in Weston, FL

Spring in Weston, FL can feel just as hot as summer at times, with some days reaching up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures start soaring, you’ll rely even more on your air conditioner. If you notice any of these four signs, you’re probably dealing with an inefficient AC, which means you’re spending more than necessary to keep your home cool.

1. Little-to-No Airflow

Poor or no airflow is usually caused by a closed vent or clogged air filter. However, it may also indicate a damaged blower motor, with the cause ranging from a clogged blower to leaky air ducts. When your home doesn’t get even airflow, the system must work harder to try to cool your home, resulting in a drop in efficiency.

2. Unusual Sounds

While it is normal for your AC to make a sound when turning on, loud or excessive sounds are not normal. For instance, you may notice banging, squealing, rattling, or screeching sounds. Different problems cause different sounds, such as loose components causing rattling, so a professional inspection and maintenance is necessary to identify the issue.

These sounds alone don’t indicate inefficiency. However, peak efficiency relies on every part working as designed.

3. Unpleasant Smells

Your AC should not give off an odor, such as a musty or burning smell. A musty smell is a sign of mold growth, leading to health problems. A burning smell is typically caused by an overheated motor or wiring issue. Similar to strange sounds, strange odors that indicate a part not working correctly, which diminishes energy efficiency.

4. Spike in Bills

A spike in energy bills without running the AC more than usual indicates an overworked system. Your blower is not distributing enough cool air, so your unit works harder to cool your home. A system that shuts down and restarts frequently also increases your bills.

You don’t want to wait until temperatures rise to have your AC repaired, if there are signed beforehand. If you notice signs of an inefficient AC, contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service in Weston, FL to schedule an AC inspection and repair.

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