3 Tips for Avoiding HVAC Emergencies in Margate, FL

HVAC emergencies, no matter their ultimate source or cause, are annoying and disruptive, and no one wants to deal with them. The hot summer weather in Margate, FL makes this possibility all the worse if it should occur during this season. Here are three important tips to help you avoid having to face sudden HVAC emergencies during a heat wave.

1. Don’t Shirk On Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to avoiding sudden HVAC mishaps. During a maintenance check, an HVAC technician will examine your system and look for signs of trouble that may not be obvious now but might manifest as something worse down the road. Even something as simple as a loose screw or debris in a valve might grow into a debilitating problem for your HVAC system if no one addresses it.

You will also need to have proof of periodic maintenance if you wish to take advantage of your HVAC system manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty can be an indispensable tool in an unforeseen emergency, but in order to remain in force, most require maintenance and repairs by HVAC professionals.

Some people choose to ignore maintenance because they don’t see clear problems with their HVAC systems, and they seek to save money. If you think this way, you could make a serious mistake. It’s best to schedule professional HVAC maintenance twice a year.

2. Replace or Clean Your Filters

Dirty air filters are one of the primary causes of weak airflow in HVAC systems, and a wide and diverse range of problems can follow from that issue, especially if you allow it to persist. If debris on the filter blocks air from leaving your system and traveling into your house, the most immediate consequence will be a drop in HVAC performance. On the heels of that, you’ll likely also see an increase in your energy bills.

Also, remember that your thermostat controls when your system turns on and when it turns off. If it notices that temperature in your home is higher than it should be this summer, for example, it will react to the performance decline and keep your system running more frequently. That, in turn, will increase the chances that your system will overheat and sustain some kind of serious damage.

Depending on the kind of HVAC system you have, the frequency with which you’ll need to replace your air filters will vary. For a standard central HVAC system, changing the filters every one to three months should be enough. For a ductless mini-split, you’ll probably have to clean the filters in the indoor air handling units as often as once every two weeks.

3. Use Your Nose and Ears

Rely on your senses of smell and hearing to detect HVAC issues. When it’s functioning properly, your HVAC system should produce no noises other than a slight hum and perhaps some short-lived clicking upon startup, and it should emit no odors.

Refrigerant smells like chloroform or ether. If you smell this odor, request professional help to stop a refrigerant leak. Other troublesome smells include burning, which may indicate that frayed wiring has led to something catching fire, and trash or rotten meat, which may mean that there’s a dead animal trapped inside your system.

If your HVAC system has loose bolts or other parts, you may hear rattling noises. A hissing sound is yet another sign of a refrigerant leak. Loud buzzing may mean that your system has electrical issues or that something is wrong with its compressor.

A lack of knowledge about the signs that something is about to go wrong with your HVAC system may leave you facing higher repair bills. Whenever you see hints of trouble with your system in Margate, FL, call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service, and ask for our HVAC repair services.

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