A lot of issues can affect the performance of the air conditioner in your Weston, Florida, home, including your ductwork. If your ductwork is dirty or damaged, it can impact both your comfort and the efficiency of your system. Here are a few signs to watch out for that mean your ductwork needs to be repaired or cleaned by an AC professional.

Increased Energy Bills

If you check your energy bills and notice that they’re a lot higher than normal, there could be a problem with your air ducts. Leaks or obstructions in your ductwork will interfere with proper airflow, which will cause your system to work harder, using more energy and spiking your monthly bills. When you see a sudden increase in your energy costs, call an AC professional to have your ducts inspected and repaired.

Dirty Air Vents

Check the air vents in your home, and if you see a lot of dust and dirt around the vents, then it’s probably time to call an AC tech in your area for cleaning. Sometimes, excessive debris around your vents means that there may be a blockage somewhere in your system that is preventing air from circulating as it should.

In other circumstances, it may mean that contaminants are making their way into your home, which could indicate a leak in your ducts. In either case, an air conditioning tech should be able to find and fix the problem easily.

You’re Dealing With Respiratory Problems

Some people, particularly those who deal with asthma and other respiratory issues, are very susceptible to an increase in dust, dirt, and other contaminants in the home. If you notice that you or one of your family members are dealing with increased respiratory issues, it’s probably time to have your ductwork cleaned.

If you notice any of these ductwork warning signs, call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service today at 954-246-4141. One of our techs will inspect your ductwork, clean any dirt or debris, and repair air leaks that they find so that your system runs well.

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