Prevent Appliance Fires With These 2 Affordable Methods

Appliance fires are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Both expensive and traumatic, appliance fires can lead to serious damage to your Sunrise, FL, home. Luckily, there are a number of ways to help prevent appliance fires that are both effective and budget-friendly. Here are two ways you can avoid appliance fires and keep you and your family safe.

Remove Lint and Dust

Dryer fires are some of the most common appliance fires that plague residential homes. Dryers can get super hot during their cycles and if the lint trap isn’t regularly cleared out, that flammable material can easily catch. In addition, faulty wiring on older units can pose some serious danger if something were to go wrong. Cleaning out your lint trap is an easy way to avoid potential dryer fires, as is making sure the back of your dryer isn’t obstructed by anything.

Like lint, dust is also very easy to catch on fire. If your home’s ductwork is loaded with dust, that debris can create dangerous situations if you regularly use candles or your stove uses flames. Getting your ductwork cleaned out can help reduce the possibility that dust could cause an appliance fire. 


Components of HVAC systems, air conditioners, have been known pose fire risks if not properly maintained. HVAC fires are typically caused by faulty interior components, like coils and wiring. If these items are malfunctioning or simply old, that can lead to overheating or electrical shortages, which in turn can create fire. 

Additionally, if there’s lots of debris built up in or around your exterior unit, that can cause additional issues that lead to fires. These issues can easily be caught during regular HVAC maintenance by licensed professional — maintenance is far cheaper than complete unit replacement!

Hi-VAC Air Conditioning Service can help reduce the likelihood of appliance fires in your home by keeping your ductwork clean and your system in tip-top shape. Call 954-246-4141 today to set up an appointment to help keep you and your family safe!

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