You can’t see what’s going on deep in your HVAC ductwork, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there to worry about. On the contrary, your Plantation, Miramar or Pembroke Pines, FL ductwork may be loaded with unhealthy things you don’t want in your indoor air.

What’s in Those Ducts?

Here’s what may be concealed in your ductwork:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Insects and rodents
  • Pet dander and pet hair
  • Soot
  • Pest droppings

How Ductwork Dirt Affects Health

It would be unpleasant enough to simply have these things in your ducts, but it’s worse. Whenever your HVAC turns on, these irritants blow into your home and contaminate your air. Whatever is lurking in your ducts will find its way into your lungs. These particles can worsen allergies and asthma; they can cause congestion, respiratory problems, sneezing, coughing, headaches, runny nose, rashes, nausea, dizziness, watery and burning eyes or lethargy. Bacteria and viruses can cause sinus infections, colds and flu.

How Ductwork Dirt Affects HVAC

Ducts should be inspected every few years for dirt and leaks. Leaks make it easy for contaminants to invade the system, and leaked air can cost you an extra 20 percent on utility bills. Ductwork grunge also impedes HVAC airflow; that drives up energy bills even more and subjects the system to unnecessary stress.

What’s the Solution?

Duct sealing and cleaning is a job for an experienced HVAC technician who uses specialized equipment. Your home will be healthier as a result, and your HVAC will not have to overwork. In fact, with the increased airflow, you may find that you need less energy to keep your home comfortable.

To learn more about indoor air quality in your Plantation, Miramar or Pembroke Pines, FL home or to schedule a ductwork inspection, visit HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service or call (954) 246-4141.

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