Make Sure Your Home and HVAC System Are Ready for a Hurricane

Hurricane season isn’t over yet here in Plantation, Florida. While you are preparing your home for the possibility of a hurricane, it is important to secure the outdoor part of your HVAC system. Let’s look at a few things that you can do to make sure your system doesn’t get damaged during a hurricane.

Turn Off the Power

Before you begin preparing your air conditioner for a storm, always turn off the power to the system. The power often goes out during a big storm. Once it comes back on, you may experience a power surge, which can cause damage to your HVAC system. Find the circuit breaker that runs the air conditioner and switch it to the off position. Once the storm is over, check for any obvious damage before turning it back on.

Attach Tie-Downs

Wind and blowing debris can cause a lot of damage during a storm. Add hurricane tie-downs to the outside unit to help keep it secured to the pad it rests on. Tighten all bolts that hold it down, and clear any debris away that may cause damage to the unit.

Wrap and Cover

Once you turn off the power, find the proper size cover for the unit or use a sturdy waterproof tarp and wrap it around the entire outside unit. Secure it tightly with bungee cords or ropes. Leave the cover on until after the storm has passed or until we come for an inspection.

Schedule an Inspection

Flooding and electrical outages are common during a hurricane and both can cause damage to your system. Electrical issues are often safety hazards that need to be inspected and repaired by a professional HVAC contractor. Call for an inspection as soon as the storm is over and before you attempt to turn the system back on. You will have peace of mind after a maintenance and inspection visit knowing that your air conditioner is running properly.

Once the storm is over, give our professional team at Hi-Vac Air Conditioning Service a call to inspect and service your air conditioner if you see any damage. You can reach us at 954-246-4141.

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