Hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through Nov. 30. Storms can quickly strengthen or change direction, so Sunrise, FL, residents need to be prepared. Plan ahead to stay safe and avoid getting stuck in long lines for food, water or fuel.

Make a Plan

Visit the Broward County emergency website to make sure you have the latest evacuation routes and shelter information. Here are a few more ways to prepare:

  • Arrange to stay with an inland friend or relative during severe weather.
  • If you are disabled, elderly or have other special needs, register with the county emergency services office.
  • Sign up for telephone and text emergency alerts.
  • Keep an updated list of phone numbers and insurance policy information.

Build an Emergency Kit

Whether you plan to shelter in your home or evacuate, make sure you are prepared. During storm season, refuel your vehicle often so the tank remains above the half-full mark in case you need to leave in a hurry. Check your emergency supplies at the beginning of the season so you can restock used or expired items. Each person in the household should have a bag with a few changes of clothes, personal hygiene items, and a little cash. Your emergency kits should also include:

  • Prescription and nonprescription medications.
  • Baby gear and pet supplies.
  • Plenty of bottled water and nonperishable foods.
  • Flashlights, emergency radio, batteries and battery backup for cellphones.

Safeguard Your Property

Purchase water-tight containers to hold valuable papers. Move outdoor items inside before the storm hits. Regularly inspect any large trees for dead branches that could fall in a hurricane.

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Broward County evacuation route

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