Ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping you and your family cool during summer. In cold weather, you can slip a small switch near the center of most ceiling fans to change the direction of the blades from counterclockwise to clockwise. That way, you can increase the air circulation in your Coral Springs, Florida, home without creating an uncomfortable breeze. Ceiling fans are easy to install, and they can help you save energy and stay comfortable in winter.

Easy Installation

Having a ceiling fan installed in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or porch should only take one or two hours, it’s inexpensive, and it could increase the value of your home. Fans are available in many different styles, and some even have interchangeable blades to make redecorating easy. Many ceiling fans have light fixtures built in as well.

Energy Savings

In winter, warm air often collects near the ceilings of homes. A ceiling fan spinning clockwise pushes the warm air towards the walls and the floor. This improved air circulation lets people save energy and lower their utility bills by using their furnaces less. Using a fan is more efficient than using your home’s furnace because you only need to turn on the ceiling fan in the room you’re currently using. You can leave the fans in unoccupied rooms turned off. Save even more energy and increase your system’s airflow by having your ductwork cleaned.

More Winter Comfort

Since rooms that have ceiling fans feel warmer in winter, you may be able to turn down your thermostat to save energy without dealing with discomfort. Ceiling fans also help you avoid using space heaters or other devices to stay comfortable.

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