5 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Dander in Your Home

Having a pet at your home in Parkland, Florida, comes with a number of benefits, including emotional support, unconditional love, and stress relief. However, one of the most common problems that impact pet owners is a dander allergy. Pet dander is a contaminant that many people are allergic to, but the thought of getting rid of a beloved pet is probably the last thing you want to consider. Instead of saying goodbye to Fluffy or Fido, simply follow these tips to get rid of the dander in your house.

Keep it Clean

Pet dander will latch on to any surface, including carpeting, countertops, and curtains. It’s tough to remove dander once it has settled, but you can take steps to prevent it from latching on too tightly. With solid surfaces, such as baseboards, walls, tables, and other solid furniture, use natural cleaning products and a soft cloth to clean regularly. Removing dander from soft surfaces is more challenging, but you can easily get rid of it with a lint roller. Roll the sticky side over your curtains, upholstered furniture, or even clothing to catch the dander without causing damage or discoloration.

Shampooing the upholstery is another option, although it’s more time-consuming. Carpet fibers tend to trap pet dander, and every time you walk across the flooring, the particles will get kicked back up in the air. Use a vacuum with a HEPA-rated filter to pull the dander out of the carpet and get rid of it for good. A HEPA filter can collect particles measuring as small as 0.3 microns, which will include your pet’s dander.

Bathe Your Pet Often

As you focus on cleaning your home, it’s easy to overlook keeping your pet clean, but this is one of the best ways to manage the dander. Even if your dog or cat doesn’t enjoy the bathing process, it’s worth it to prevent allergies and keep everyone in your home healthy. A weekly bath can reduce the dander in your pet’s fur substantially, so make the commitment to keep your furry friend clean. Every pet product will claim to be the best at eliminating dander, but even dishwashing soap or baby shampoo will do the trick.

Use an Air Purifier

When the dander gets in the air, you might notice allergic symptoms such as congestion, coughing, itchy eyes, and sore throats. Breathing this contaminant can make your allergies worse, so focus on eliminating dander from the air by using an air purifier. You can find a number of options, from tabletop purifiers that can treat the air in one room to whole-home options that work with your heating and cooling system.

No matter what you choose, make sure the purifier contains a HEPA filter that can remove tiny particles from the air. If you opt for a tabletop purifier, keep it in your bedroom to limit the allergic symptoms when you sleep.

Allergy-Proof the Bedrooms

Most people with allergies tend to experience the worst symptoms at night when they lie down to sleep. If your bed is full of pet dander, it’s easy to see why you wake up feeling ill. Keep your pets out of the bedroom as much as possible, and make sure your pet stays off your bed. You can also take steps to allergy-proof your bedroom, such as washing your sheets on the hot cycle at least once a week, using covers on your pillows and mattress, and keeping the other linens clean.

Clean the Ducts

Too much dander in the home can impact your indoor air quality. Regular duct cleaning is an easy way to maintain better indoor air quality. A professional technician will use a powerful vacuum to eliminate contaminants from the ducts, allowing the air to flow freely. This service will provide cleaner, healthier air for you and your family, free of dander and other debris. You might also notice lower monthly heating and cooling bills after a duct cleaning service.

Learn more about eliminating dander and maintaining healthier air in your home by calling us at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service at 954-246-4141.

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