5 Signs Something’s Wrong With Your HVAC

Your HVAC system is part of your Sunrise, Florida, home’s comfort system. Keeping it in good shape keeps you and your family comfortable, even during Florida’s intense summer weather. Here are five of the most common signs that something is wrong with your HVAC so you can schedule repairs quickly and avoid major breakdowns.

Poor Air Quality

The air quality inside your home can have a major effect on the health and comfort of your family. Any reduction in air quality can present as a number of different symptoms, ranging from itchy eyes to dry skin to difficulty breathing.

If you’ve noticed a reduction in indoor air quality, there are several common causes. One of the most common and easy to fix problems is a dirty air filter. Changing out your HVAC filter regularly can help prevent irritants slipping through and getting into your airflow. Other potential causes include leaking air ducts and or a failing HVAC system. If changing your filter doesn’t help, it’s a good idea to contact a professional.

Puddles and Condensation

Part of your HVAC system’s functionality is balancing the humidity in your home. At no point should there be puddles or condensation on your system components. Any degradation of pipes and coils can also lead to leaks. This is not a DIY job and needs to be handled by a professional; any damage to these systems caused by repairs not performed by an HVAC technician can lead to serious mechanical failures and invalidation of your warranty.

Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant smells can be an indication of something wrong. Specific smells can indicate where the problems are located.

  • Rotten eggs/sulfur: This is the most dangerous smell and typically points to a natural gas leak. If you smell sulfur, contact a professional immediately as this leak can pose a serious threat to your family’s health.
  • Burning: When you turn on your heat for the first time and smell burning, that’s a typical sign that dust has built up in the system and it’s burning away. However, if you smell burning any other time, that could be a sign of an electrical problem and should be investigated immediately.

Other common smells include a musty scent or chemical odors. If you notice the sudden presence of an unpleasant smell in your home, it could be an indication of something going on with your HVAC.

Loud Noises

Loud noises, like screeching, banging, thumping, whining, or clunking, are a sure sign that something is wrong with your HVAC system. The cause is typically a loosened or broken mechanical component that is leading to loud noises as well as reduced functionality. Culprits include broken belts, loose screws, or debris caught in the external unit.

Sounds like whistling or moaning often point to a different issue. Many times, ‘windy’ sounding noises mean that you have a leak in your ductwork and air is escaping. You may feel a reduction in airflow or notice an increase in utility costs associated with this noise.

Uneven Temperature

Finally, uneven temperatures are not only uncomfortable but also indicate an issue with your HVAC system. Issues with air flow often present as hot or cold spots in your home with rooms or areas also feeling stuffy or stagnant. This can point to leaks in your ductwork or an overburdened HVAC system. Ductwork with leaks or poor filter functionality can lead to debris like dust gathering in your ducts.

If your HVAC system wasn’t properly sized for your home, hot and cold spots are one of the strongest symptoms coupled with huge utility bills. An HVAC expert should always size your home before you buy a new system or have your current one sized if you’re concerned this may be an issue.

Concerned that something is going on with your HVAC system? The experts at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service are here to help. Call us at 954-246-4141 to set up a consultation or maintenance appointment today!

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