6 Simple Ways to Track Home Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential to running an eco-friendly, cost-effective home in Coral Springs, Florida. New technology allows homeowners to keep a close eye on their energy use to ensure optimal efficiency. Here are six easy ways you can track the energy efficiency of your home. 

Home Monitoring System

Energy monitoring systems connect to circuits and can track usage in particular rooms. These devices hook up to the conductors in your home’s circuit breaker box to provide you with the usage information that power companies measure through power lines. 

The information collected by the device is stored in a unit that can hold as much as 10 years of energy data. You can track efficiency by simply looking at the receiver unit or by connecting to the system with a smartphone. Program the device to alert you via text or email when energy use rises above a certain point. 

Some home monitoring systems use sensors and Bluetooth technology to provide real-time information about your home’s energy use. Keep tabs on indoor air quality, climate control, humidity levels, water and electricity use, smoke detection, and more. These types of systems have an app that puts all of this information at your fingertips. 

Smart Outlets

A smart outlet can plug into any outlet allowing you to monitor the usage of any device plugged into it. If you put these types of outlets in different rooms throughout your home, you can track electricity usage as a whole. Make devices more energy-efficient by putting them on schedules. Rather than just remembering to turn off lights before bed, set up a schedule so that all of the lights plugged into smart outlets go off automatically at the preferred time.

Meter Sensor

A meter sensor connects to your outdoor electricity meter and sends readings to a portable monitor or devices like a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is a great option for homes with older meters that are not easy to read. 

If you’re getting higher readings than expected, keep a close eye on the use of lights and electronics throughout your home. It’s also a good idea to make sure you keep up with regular HVAC maintenance since a system that’s bogged down with dirt and dust is going to spend more energy cooling your Florida home. 

Smart Meter

Smart meters (not to be confused with meter sensors) are the outdoor meters installed by the power company. Not all companies have switched to this type of meter, but if you have one, you’re in luck. These meters track energy usage and make it available to customers on the company’s website. All you need to do is log in to track your home’s daily readings.

If you’re not sure what kind of meter you have, go outside and check. Look for a digital readout, or the device might even be labeled as a smart meter. 

Energy-Monitoring Apps

Smartphone apps that track energy efficiency don’t provide as much accuracy as the previously mentioned sensors and meters, but they can help you be more mindful of your home’s usage. Some apps gather information from a smart meter or some estimate your energy consumption with local averages, while others rely on the user inputting information. 

The best energy-monitoring apps work alongside a monitoring system for accurate data with a user-friendly interface. 

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats are a great way to track the efficiency of your air-conditioning and heating systems. These devices allow you to control the indoor climate from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and they offer advanced programmability. Set schedules based on seasons, weather reports, and your daily activities. 

If you forgot to set the thermostat before leaving for a long weekend, simply turn off the air-conditioning remotely so you’re never cooling an empty house. You can also track heating or cooling usage and costs from month-to-month to see where you may need to adjust the schedule. Most smart thermostats pair with home automation systems and energy-tracking apps for full control over your home’s efficiency. 

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