As a homeowner in West Boca, FL, you want to make sure your HVAC system runs as efficiently as possible. Part of this responsibility includes changing your filters regularly. A dirty filter is the most common reason for a damaged or failing HVAC unit.

Common Issues With an HVAC System From a Clogged Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter can create many HVAC issues for you. The buildup on an air filter can cause low airflow in the HVAC system. Trapped cold air could freeze the coils and make the HVAC unit inoperable.

A dirty or clogged air filter can cause many health issues in your household as well. Once the filter is visibly dirty with debris, the entire system beyond it could be dirty too. This will overwork the system and make allergy symptoms worse for you and your family.

The Price of Replacing an Air Filter

Using an air filter longer than you should is a bigger deal than you think. A dirty air filter will put added stress on the HVAC system’s air handler. It will also raise your energy bill as long as the fan motor is working harder.

A dirty air filter could cause your fan motor to burn out early, and the system will fail. Replacing your air filter is a small price to pay in retrospect. A professional HVAC expert can clean the ducts and evaluate other needed maintenance.

More Serious Issues From Clogged Air Filters

Your heating and cooling system will require cleaning by professions if the air filter becomes clogged. HVAC cleaning is common, but the HVAC components or unit will sometimes need replacing faster. One sign for a blockage in the system is the coil freezing, which will require professional attention to fix.

Replacing air filters is part of addressing the normal wear and tear of a heating and cooling system, and it’s a simple task to keep your HVAC unit running as long as possible. Call the professionals at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service to handle your HVAC maintenance, which will improve your indoor air quality and prolong expensive fixes or system replacements.

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