Why Isn’t My Ductless AC Cooling my Miramar, FL, Home?

Summer is when Miramar, FL, residents need their AC systems to work their best, and it can be beyond frustrating when your ductless AC suddenly stops cooling your home. However, there are reasons for this happening, and the good news is that they are all fixable.

No Power

When your AC unit simply refuses to even turn on, the issue is likely to be electrical. The fix could be as simple as ensuring that the unit has power and its breaker is reset. If that doesn’t work, however, there could be a dead battery in your thermostat or remote.

Replace or charge these items first, and then if the AC still doesn’t turn on, try switching on the power from the main unit. If these solutions don’t work, there could be deeper problems in the AC unit itself. Chances are that you will need to call for a maintenance check to figure out the root problem.

Strange Sounds

If your AC unit is emitting worrisome sounds, a number of problems could be to blame, but it helps to pinpoint what type of sound you hear. If it’s a bubbling sound, it could mean there’s a refrigerant leak; if it’s a rattling sound, it could mean there’s a loose fan belt; and if there’s a squeaking sound, it could mean there’s an air pressure problem. In all these cases, though, you’ll need a repair, so it’s best to call a professional in for help.

No Cool Air

Sometimes air filters just get clogged up, so clean, cool air can’t get through the vents. These filters could be full of dirt and debris, regardless of iwhether the unit is indoors or outdoors. You may need help removing and replacing them.

Summer is no time for your AC to fail you. If you’ve tried all you can and your ductless AC system still isn’t cooling your home, contact us at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service to get cool air back in your house.

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