Why Is My Thermostat in Recovery Mode in West Boca, FL?

In everyday life, we tend to think of “recovery” as a time to rest or heal after something bad happens. This fall, when homeowners in West Boca, FL keep seeing that their HVAC system is in recovery mode, they assume that there’s something wrong with their heater, but that’s usually not the case at all. So, let’s talk about why your thermostat keeps saying that it’s in recovery mode.

How Recovery Mode Works

The purpose of recovery mode is simply to recover from energy-saving mode and bring your home back up to the desired temperature by the desired time. So, if you set your heater to reach 74 degrees Fahrenheit by the time you get home from work at 6 pm, it will automatically go into recovery mode an hour or two before that time and start warming up the house. That way, when you walk through the front door, your home is already nice and warm.

If your smart thermostat always goes into recovery mode an hour or so before the time you set it to reach a certain temperature, then that’s normal. It means that your system is working properly. Your home should reach the desired temperature at the desired time, and recovery mode should then shut itself off at that time.

When Recovery Mode Is Always On

Now, if your home never reaches the desired temperature and recovery mode never shuts off, then there could be a problem. Here are a few reasons why your heater might keep running day and night and never get out of recovery mode.

  • System is low on refrigerant
  • Air is escaping through cracks and holes in ductwork
  • Heated air is leaking out through gaps around doors and windows
  • Air filter is dirty and is severely restricting airflow
  • Thermostat is malfunctioning and needs replacing

Our Professionals Can Help

Recovery mode is not a bad thing. It normally just means that your HVAC system is running in order to reach the temperature you set up on your programmable thermostat. But, if the recovery mode never shuts off or your heater never reaches the desired temperature, contact us at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for heater repair services.

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