Why Does My Thermostat Go Into Recovery Mode in Weston, FL?

Recovery mode is a relatively new feature that is available only on recently built programmable thermostats. Weston, FL homeowners who’ve never had experience with such thermostats may not know what this mode means. Here are a few reasons why your thermostat might go into recovery mode.

Energy Saving

The typical function of recovery mode is to make your HVAC system work in a way that saves as much energy as possible. If you’re worried that the term “recovery mode” might have bad connotations that indicate the existence of trouble in your HVAC system, rest assured that that usually isn’t the case.

When you set your programmable thermostat to turn on at a certain time and bring your home to a definite temperature, recovery mode causes your thermostat to activate your HVAC system a few hours in advance. When your thermostat does so, your HVAC system can work to give you the indoor temperature you want while consuming much less power. That is by far the most common reason for your thermostat to be in recovery mode.

Troublesome Indicators

In a few special cases, however, recovery mode might not be so innocent. For example, if something is blocking airflow through your HVAC system and preventing it from working normally, your thermostat may respond by entering recovery mode. Another possibility is that a technical glitch or wiring issue of some kind has forced your thermostat into recovery mode at an inappropriate time.

How to Get Out of Recovery Mode

One simple way to try to get out of recovery mode is to restart and reset your thermostat. If your thermostat is in this state because of a glitch, this will usually take care of the problem.

If your thermostat is in recovery mode because of a wiring issue or some underlying problem with your HVAC system, you’ll have to request professional assistance. You’ll have to request either HVAC maintenance or repairs so that a technician may replace your filters, fix broken system parts, replace refrigerant or do whatever else happens to be necessary to get your HVAC system functioning properly again.

Usually, recovery mode is an innocuous and even beneficial feature. For the rare cases when it is not, call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service, and ask for our HVAC services.

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