Why Does My Home in Weston, FL Have Hot and Cold Spots?

In the great majority of cases, HVAC systems should heat and cool your entire home evenly. Most of the time, poor airflow is what causes hot and cold spots, so it pays to know what things can decrease airflow through your home in Weston, FL. Here are a few common causes of weak airflow.

Leaky or Dirty Ductwork

Traditional central HVAC systems use a network of ductwork to distribute and direct warm or cool air throughout the rooms of a house. Issues with ductwork will therefore interfere with the effectiveness of this process, resulting in poor general airflow that includes hot and cold spots in your home.

One such issue might be holes or separations in your ductwork. A trained technician can determine where there may be leaks and then fix them. Another issue might be that your ducts have become so dirty that debris inhibits the air from flowing properly. The best solution to such problems is to request duct cleaning services from trained HVAC professionals.

Old or Dirty Filters

Over time, your HVAC filters will trap more and more debris from flowing air. As this debris accumulates, it can start to hinder airflow. Since so many aspects of HVAC performance depend on effective airflow, this may be the ultimate case of the hot and cold spots that you suddenly notice. Restricted airflow allows rooms closest to your heating system to get warm but warm air doesn’t reach rooms further away.

Luckily, it’s easy to fix this problem on your own. Just remember to check your filters monthly and replace them as needed or about once every three months.

Age and Ordinary Wear and Tear

Lastly, your HVAC system might just be old or damaged in any of several ways. Most HVAC systems can function well for anywhere between 15 and 25 years, though many will need at least some repairs during this time. It’s an HVAC professional’s job to find out what is blocking the flow of air in your system, fix it or, if necessary, replace your system altogether.

Don’t just suffer through warm and chilly spots in your home this winter in Weston, FL. Call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service to schedule HVAC service.

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