When you want to cool your home in Sunrise, FL, more efficiently this summer, you could be drawn to the idea of using a ductless AC central air conditioner unit. However, before you choose it over a ducted system, you need to learn about its benefits and drawbacks then make the decision about which one is best for your home.

Direct Connection to Outdoor Unit

Unlike a ducted AC unit, a ductless system connects each individual room in the home to the outside condenser. Each room has its own air conditioning handler. This handler, which is mounted high on the wall in each room, minimizes the need for running extensive refrigerant lines, which is common with ducted systems. In turn, the cooled air distributes more evenly throughout each room or area.

No Central Thermostat

A ducted AC system utilizes a central thermostat to keep the entire home cooled at the same temperature. However, a ductless system comes with a separate thermostat for each room or area. The occupants of each room get to decide at what temperature to keep the air-cooled. This feature avoids squabbles among family members at what temperature to keep the thermostat.

Improved Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air

Ductless mini-split systems are some of the most energy efficient systems available today. Also consider that if there are rooms in your home that aren’t used often, you don’t have to cool those areas. Ductless systems are also know for their air purification properties. Each unit has its own filter, so as the rooms are cooled the air is also cleaned.

More Maintenance

As innovative as a ductless AC system can be, it also requires more bit more upkeep and work to keep it running. Each indoor unit’s filter will need to be removed and cleaned each month.

Allow us to help you decide between a ductless or ducted AC system today. Contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service in Sunrise.

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