What Does It Mean When My AC System Is Blowing Warm Air?

During the hot summer months, nothing is worse than an AC unit blowing out warm air. When this happens, you might think that it’s time to have a new AC system professionally installed. While a worn-out system might be the cause, there are a number of possible reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home or business. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons your AC system is blowing warm air.

Refrigerant Leak

Having low refrigerant is a common cause of AC systems blowing out warm air. That said, refrigerant isn’t just used up like gas. If your system is low on refrigerant, you probably have a leak. There are two major types of refrigerant: R-22 and R-410A. However, R-22 isn’t eco-friendly and is mostly phased out. Most AC systems use R-410A now. If yours doesn’t, it might be time for an upgrade. If a technician does find a leak in your coils, he will repair it and add refrigerant so your home or business is cool once again.

Clogged Condensate Line

Another common cause of warm air coming out of your AC system is a clogged condensate line. This issue is easy to check because, if your condensate line is clogged, there’s probably a pool of water forming under the air handler. This water comes from the condensation that your system makes as it cools your house.

When the condensate line is clogged, the condensation has nowhere to go. It just builds up in the pan underneath the air handler and eventually drips over. Typically, air conditioners cut off to avoid making more condensation. Fixing this problem is as easy as having a professional clean the condensate line.

Dirty Air Filter

Sometimes, it takes the easiest solution to fix the most annoying problems. A dirty filter can prevent proper airflow to your AC system, which prevents it from cooling your home or business efficiently. Remember to change your air filter on a regular basis. Your should check the filter monthly and change it at least every 3 months.

Call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service Today

If your AC system is blowing out nothing but warm air, you don’t have to live with it. Call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service. We proudly serve Sunrise, FL, and the surrounding area. Our trained professionals can solve all of your HVAC problems. Learn more about our AC repair services when you call us today.

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