With only 10 days left of May, we’ve already started experiencing the summer heat here in South Florida.

There were a few days in the high 90s, and with the increased demand for cooling, a lot of older systems or neglected systems have started to fail. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance yet, now is the time to work it into your schedule before you get trapped without cool air inside your home (I know you have experienced this at least once in your lifetime, and I’m sure you STILL remember how unpleasant that was).

If you system has been maintained but is over 10 years in age, remember, summer months are the highest energy consumption months due to the demand for cooling. Trying to push your air conditioner system 1 more year, or though 1 more summer is costing you a lot more than you think. Imagine over the next 6 months of running your older system which consumes approximately 50% more electricity than a newer air conditioner unit, this could cost on average $100 more per month, totaling approximately $600 of money that could have been invested into a high efficient system.

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