Spring Cleaning in South Florida A/C Tips

That’s right! It’s that time of the year, time to start going through the garage, closets, attic and the rest of your home. Of course, you can’t help but wonder how did we accumulate all this junk in just 1 year?! Of course nobody will ever know the answer to that age old question. The biggest question now is WHERE TO START??

How about the areas of the home that you CAN’T see? What about those places you never thought about looking? What about the areas that need the most cleaning that are completely invisible?

What better way to start off your spring cleaning than with the air you’re breathing inside your home?

Now that spring is in the air, pollen and other particulates are subject to enter your air flow system. As with most homes around the Pembroke Pines & Miramar area you most likely are experiencing dust and mold molecules blowing around in the air every time your HVAC fan is on. These same particles cause breathing problems such as allergies and asthma and make people sick.

What else can I do for my air conditioner for Spring Cleaning?

Well, I’ve mentioned some accessories and services in the past that help with indoor air quality and helping you breath cleaner air inside your home. Our friends over at RGF who make the REME Halo UV light system is probably one of the greatest indoor air quality products ever introduced to the Indoor Air Quality market. Depending on what type of air conditioner system your have, many manufacturers have electronic air cleaners, like the Trane CleanEffects (download PDF) or Carriers Product Line of Air Cleaners which can drastically improve the quality of air inside your home. Finally duct cleaning can make huge improvements of the quality of air being circulated inside your home.

Everything you need to know should start with your routine maintenance of your air conditioner system, because remember, all manufacturers recommend this be performed twice annually by a certified contractor, If your not already a maintenance agreement customer of ours, click here to see the benefits and service it involves.

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