Signs Your HVAC System in Margate, FL, Is Inefficient

You need an HVAC system for the summer months, but all systems eventually develop problems of one sort or another. If your system isn’t cooling and heating optimally, it will have to work harder to regulate the temperature. Here are warning signs that can let you know when your HVAC system is inefficient in Margate, FL.

The Temperature Fluctuates

The indoor system moves air throughout your home, and the size, maintenance and ductwork design make a difference. The conditioned air moves through the air ducts, and an improperly designed system can leave hot and cold spots. Zoning your HVAC system helps to shorten the ducts and improve efficiency.

Dirt and dust buildup in your air duct results from a lack of maintenance. If there’s blockage from debris in the air handler or ductwork, the system will have trouble regulating the temperature of every room. Our professionals can clean the indoor unit and check the ductwork for blockages with routine maintenance.

Your House Is Still Humid With the HVAC Running

Being in an air-conditioned room but still feeling sticky is a red flag. If the indoor air feels clammy even with the AC on, there is higher humidity in the air. When you lower the temperature to try to make the room comfortable, it puts more stress on your system.

Warm air should pass over cold coils to cool a room. If there is low refrigerant, our technicians can inspect and maintain your HVAC, and if needed add refrigerant. Dirty coils could also be causing higher indoor humidity.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

A noticeable sign that your HVAC is inefficient is higher energy bills. If there isn’t a sudden change in usage, there shouldn’t be a sudden rise in utility bills. Our professionals can inspect your system to see why it’s using more energy than usual.

HVAC Repairs Are Increasing

Your HVAC system benefits from annual maintenance and will need occasional repairs. If you’re noticing an increased need for technicians to repair parts of your system, it could indicate a larger problem, or that it’s time to consider a new system.

You can easily replace your air filter as needed to keep it from clogging, but you need professional help for more serious issues. If you notice HVAC inefficiencies in Margate, FL, call us at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service today to schedule an appointment with a technician who can provide the HVAC services you need.

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