What New AC Systems Have to Offer

The air conditioner has been around for more than 100 years, with Willis Haviland Carrier designing the first modern unit in 1902. Since then, AC systems have revolutionized home comfort. With the advances in technology in recent years, new AC systems help homeowners conserve energy, save money and optimize their comfort like never before.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is one of the latest and most widespread technological innovations in HVAC. An inverter controls the speed of the compressor motor, which helps it continually regulate the temperature. Depending on your usage, an investment in an air conditioning system that includes an inverter can pay for itself within two years.

Biggest Benefits of Investing in an AC System With an Inverter

  • Save up to 50 percent on your utility bills by consuming less energy.
  • Reach desired temperature levels quicker and with a quieter system.
  • Avoid temperature fluctuations and maximize your indoor comfort environment.

Software for Energy Analysis

When using this special HVAC software, which is either cloud-based or downloadable, you can project which AC system will operate most efficiently in your space before installing it. It helps architects and engineers choose the best equipment to install as part of their designs, and it helps homeowners maximize energy efficiency and cost savings.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

One of the costliest energy losses occurs when an AC system turns on to cool an entire house when only one room calls for it. In most cases, a home located halfway in the shade and halfway in the sunlight will experience this. Variable refrigerant flow lets homeowners simultaneously cool different parts of their home to varying temperatures.

Automated Technology

It’s a simple fact: Automation systems reduce energy consumption without sacrificing home comfort. The Nest Learning Thermostat, which is one of the most popular automated controllers on the market, helps homeowners forget about the need to constantly manually manage their thermostat to ensure they’re maximizing energy efficiency.

For additional information about how technology is helping homeowners save more money on their cooling costs, or if you’re in need of an emergency air conditioning repair today, read on to learn about how to make your home smarter with a programmable thermostat or contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning in Sunrise, Florida, at (954) 246-4141.

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