How to Manage Your Home With a Smart Phone

Home automation with smart technology has changed the way we interact with our Florida homes. Newly designed smart thermostats feature a user-friendly interface, are simple to program, connect to our smart phones, and are installed quickly by a knowledgeable professional. 

What Is Different About Smart Thermostats?

Smart thermostats are connected to your home’s router so that the controls are accessible from outside the home via the internet. It is easy to log into the thermostat’s app and make changes to climate control settings remotely. 

New, smart climate control systems sense movement in structures and adjust the temperature in individual rooms based on activity. For example, if a room is full of guests and it gets hot, the air conditioner can kick on in that specific room without cooling the other rooms. This saves energy and money while boosting the comfort level for everyone inside.

Getting to Know You

Remote access via smartphones makes it easy to adjust heating and cooling timers that are established when our home’s smart systems learn our routine. There is no need to worry if we come home late. We can simply log in to the smart thermostat’s app and dial back the energy demand until we are nearly home. 

Keeping You up to Date

Smart thermostats come with large interactive display screens that deliver indoor and outdoor weather reports in real time. This feature makes it easy to know when to adjust the temperature to deal with inclement weather. 

These systems detect movement in each area of the house. Rooms with the most activity get the most forced air while empty rooms only get enough energy to keep it relatively comfortable. 

Saving You Money

Smart thermostats can help homeowners save a lot of money every month, thanks to intuitive features and intelligent design. Start saving energy and money at your Florida home. Call Hi-Vac Air Conditioning Service at 954-246-4141 to schedule a free consultation and quote now

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