Is My Heat Pump Low on Refrigerant in Boca, FL?

A heat pump’s refrigerant relays heat from the outdoor coil into your home during winter. Any damage to the refrigerant lines may cause the fluid to leak, reducing the amount it has to work with. Below, we cover some signs of a heat pump that is low on refrigerant in West Boca, FL.

Your Heat Pump Runs Without Pausing

Your heat pump may run continuously if the outside temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperatures are above that level, the system should operate in cycles unless there is an underlying problem. One of the problems that may cause the HVAC system to run continuously is refrigerant leaks.

Reduced refrigerant levels make it difficult for the system to relay enough heat from outside. As a result, it runs continuously, attempting to reach the temperatures on the thermostat.

Your Heat Pump Produces Unusual Noises

You may have noticed that your HVAC system operates with minimal noise. The system may produce weird sounds when one of its components breaks down. Refrigerant leaks make hissing and gurgling noises.

Hissing occurs when the high-pressure refrigerant escapes through a tiny opening along the refrigerant lines. You will hear gurgling sounds when air enters the refrigerant lines.

Your Outdoor Coil Is Frozen

During winter, a heat pump absorbs heat from outside using the outdoor coil. When the refrigerant starts leaking, the coil cannot absorb enough heat and remains cold. This causes it to freeze.

There Is Liquid Pooling Near Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump extracts moisture from the air that goes into your home to regulate indoor humidity levels. The system directs the moisture to a drain pan, which releases it into the environment. Therefore, if you notice fluid accumulating around your system, it is highly likely your refrigerant is leaking.

The refrigerant can harm humans and the environment. Therefore, it is dangerous trying to repair the leaks by yourself. Contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for professional HVAC services and allow our technicians to take care of the problem.

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