So it’s been a pretty active week for storms to the start of this October. As I’m sure everyone has been paying close attention recently to Hurricane Matthew, which luckily skipped just off our coast, and we managed to endure with very minimal damage. I know a few areas are still without power, but FP&L stated that Broward County and Palm Beach County should be fully restored by the end of today.

As we all head back to our normal routine, a lot of people stopped paying attention to whats going on in the atlantic, so I’ve posted the most up to date reports on not only Hurricane Matthew but also Tropical Storm Nicole. Because of these storms close location to each other, they will have an effect on the path and projections, so while it seems like we may have dodged a bullet, we may still have some dangerous weather to come sometime next week. So stay prepared.

Hurricane MatthewTropical Storm Nicole

Some things you should be aware of in the event that you do lose power with not only these recent storms, but for future storms as well. In the event of power lose, I recommend you turn off the breakers to your air conditioning equipment at your breaker panel, which may be located in a garage, laundry room or sometimes outdoors (DO NOT GO OUTSIDE DURING A MAJOR STORM TO ACCESS YOUR BREAKER PANEL). When power does get restored, or in the event power starts to flicker, this will prevent your system from short cycling on and off, which may damage the equipment. Power can also be easier to restore when there is not a heavy load on the system. When accessing your breaker panel, please ensure that you are not in any standing water or that no water damage is around.

If power is restored and you find that your air conditioner system is no longer working, this is a very common occurrence. You may contact us anytime at (954) 246-4141, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and will be able to assist you as soon as its deemed safe for us to travel to your home.

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