How Your HVAC System Can Help You Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Nobody likes getting sick, and you’re doing your best to keep your family healthy during flu season. Since you will be running your heating system to stay warm this winter anyway, add-ons and upgrades can help fight germs in your Cooper City, Florida, home. These devices can help you stay healthy this flu season.

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters trap and collect not only dirt and dust but harmful pathogens, as well. Changing or cleaning air filters frequently can help reduce the chance of these germs and bacteria getting circulated into your home.

UV Light Technology

The coils inside of your system hold a lot of moisture even during the winter months and may contain dangerous germs and bacteria. Adding UV Light technology can help to destroy germs and harmful pathogens lurking in the system. The UV light shines directly onto the coils and destroys microorganisms living there. The light can easily be added to your existing HVAC system.

Air Purifiers

Whole-home air purifiers are easily integrated into your existing system and thoroughly clean the recirculating air in your home. They can trap and kill germs and bacteria before they enter your home, plus the recirculating air. Your home will be healthier and you will have less chance of getting sick.


The air in the house can get dry when you are running forced air heating. Harmful microbes can linger for longer periods of time in the drier air. Adding humidifiers can help moisten the dry air. As a bonus, your eyes and sinus passages will feel better with humidified air.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

When the house is closed up during the winter, stale air can get trapped inside. If there are flu germs circulating inside the stuffy house, chances are pretty high that someone will get sick. An energy recovery ventilator exhausts and expels stale air and brings in fresh, preconditioned outside air. Your home will feel fresh and less stuffy. Use these HVAC system add-ons to help you fight the flu and stay healthy this season.

Call our experts at Hi-Vac Air Conditioning Service at 954-246-4141 to discuss improving your indoor air quality this winter season.

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