How HVAC Filters Impact HVAC Performance in Weston, FL

Despite being relatively small and simple, air filters play a critical role in every HVAC system. Problems with HVAC system air filters can decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency and have significant consequences for your home in Weston, FL. Here are a few ways in which HVAC filters can impact system performance.

Impacting Airflow

Without proper airflow, it’s hard for any part of your HVAC system to function as intended. When airflow is smooth, your HVAC system will be able to treat air efficiently, spread it throughout your home and keep things comfortable.

HVAC filters affect airflow because all air that moves through your ductwork must pass through a filter before officially reaching the interior of your home. If your filters don’t allow air to move swiftly, you’ll notice decreased efficiency, uneven temperatures and other problems.

Energy Bills

A more efficient system allows you to enjoy maximum comfort without dealing with astronomical utility bills. Since the type, quality and age of your air filters affect your HVAC system’s efficiency, these things can also influence how much you’ll have to pay for heating this winter.

Indoor Air Quality

An air filter’s primary function is to remove pollutants from the air that passes through it. In part, HVAC systems should do at least something to improve the air quality in your home even if they may not be able to do so as well as an air purifier or some other more specialized device. With dirty, old or weak air filters, this won’t happen.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to mind your HVAC air filters and remember to replace them at least once every three months. Your HVAC system will thank you for it. If you call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service, you’ll also be able to schedule any HVAC repair or maintenance services you need to keep your system running at its best.

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