I’m sure we’ve all experienced this situation before. One day a family member comes home sick from work or school, and the next day or so later your other family members start showing symptoms of illness. This is especially true if your home is like mine, my 1st grader is ALWAYS coming home with some form of sickness and since i have an infant in the home now, this situation can turn bad very quickly.

Being in the HVAC industry, I’m constantly hearing about new products and technologies being released to the market, and the ones that have to do with indoor air quality always pique my attention. So many people today suffer from allergies, asthma, illness and other factors which create health and respiratory problems. It also amazes me on how much the air inside out own homes is the biggest culprit. Have you ever cleaned and scrubbed your home until you didn’t think any sickness could survive? Well, on your surface areas this is true. You see, the air inside your home is constantly being recirculated, and I can’t help but think for some reason the phrase “Step outside and take a breath of fresh air” never seemed so true. So once an illness or bacteria or allergen enters your living space, the chances of it leaving are very slim. The only real way to combat these are via indoor air quality products.

There are HUNDREDS of IAQ (Indoor air quality) products on the market, which just like everything else have a wide price range as well as a wide set of features. Just because someone says they will add a UV light to your system, does not mean you will be receiving a quality product. What features does the UV light provide? Whats the lifespan of that particular product? Is the manufacturer reputable? As with any product I ALWAYS recommend my customer do their own research prior to making a decision. The RGF Reme Halo is my number 1 choice of indoor air quality products for your central air conditioner system. If you click the image about it will direct you to their website where you can read up on this particular product. And of course you can always call us at (954) 246-4141 if you have any additional questions.

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