Five Reasons for Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system in Sunrise, FL, is a major contributor to the comfort of your home. However, do you make sure your system is regularly maintained? Let’s look at the advantages of having professional HVAC maintenance performed on a regular basis.

1. Electric Bills

Keeping your system maintained means it will run at maximum efficiency. HVAC systems that are not checked and cleaned over time use more and more power to operate, costing you more if you don’t schedule maintenance visits. Our experts can set you up with a maintenance agreement and can tell you more about how efficiency can save you money.

2. Carbon Footprint

An efficient HVAC system will keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. Don’t update your system for more efficient performance and then forget to make sure the new system maintains its efficiency. It is important to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Maintenance is a very important part of this approach.

3. Warranty Requirements

Warranties generally require the homeowner to have regular upkeep performed. If something goes wrong under the warranty period, the warranty holder could refuse to pay for the repair because your system is not maintained. Don’t leave yourself open to costly and unnecessary repairs by voiding your warranty.

4. Safety

Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC in its safest condition. Your HVAC systems stops and starts all year long, even in the winter. Our experts will clean your system, check for worn parts and make sure your HVAC system is performing at its best.

5. Comfort

Your HVAC system participates to a large degree in making your home enjoyable for your family. An overworked HVAC system most likely will not keep you warm on cold days or cool your home properly during a heatwave. Regular maintenance will keep your home as comfortable as possible for everyone who lives there.

If you need to select a HVAC maintenance company in the Sunrise, FL, area, give HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service a call today.

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