Does My Thermostat Need Replacement in Weston, FL?

As the fall weather approaches in Weston, FL, it’s a good time to prepare your heating system. It’s best to test it out before the weather becomes cold and you really need the heat. In addition to checking the heating effectiveness, if you notice any of the problems below, it may be an indication that you need to replace your existing thermostat.

Display Not Working

If nothing is displaying on your thermostat and you’ve hit the on button, it could mean that your control has gone bad. Start by replacing the batteries, if it uses them, and checking to see if the circuit breaker is in the on position. If everything is as it should be but the control is still not reacting, it’s likely an internal wiring issue with your thermostat, and it will need replacing.

Reading Wrong Temperature

At any given point in time, your control should be displaying the actual indoor air temperature. If the indoor air doesn’t feel anywhere close to the temperature that your control is displaying, you should utilize a thermometer to determine if your control is wrong. Your technician should check your thermostat reading when they’re performing your fall heating maintenance.

Heater Not Kicking On

Another key indicator that something is amiss with your control is that your heater won’t kick on. Your thermostat will be displaying an indoor air temperature below your desired setting and still not kick on. This most likely means there is a problem with the control, and it’s going to need replacing.

You Have a Dial Thermostat

If you still are using an old dial control, it’s time to upgrade for so many different reasons. Not only are newer controls more accurate in reading the indoor air temperature, but they also allow you to program more energy-efficient options. With newer controls, you can even remotely control your thermostat from anywhere your smartphone has internet connectivity.

If you notice any of the problems described above, it’s time to replace your control. Call HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service today to discuss your thermostat replacement and schedule service.

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