An air purifier is a powerful tool for your Sunrise, Florida, home. It can pull a wide range of pollutants from the air including dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria. An air purifier offers many benefits including money savings through several innovative means. Learn how your air purifier investment may help you put money in your pocket.

Lowering Your Utility Bill

An air purifier helps remove pollutants from the air, so there are fewer contaminants for your HVAC system to pull through the blower and ducts. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that simply changing your air filter can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15 percent. While a standard filter needs to be changed every three months to deliver this perk, an air purifier filter can usually last a whole year. Choose an Energy Star certified product for even more savings. These use about 40 percent less energy than standard models.

Reducing Strain on Your System

An air purifier keeps the air cleaner throughout your home and HVAC system, which ultimately reduces the strain on your furnace and air conditioner. This may help minimize your repair needs and give your system a longer lifespan, both of which ultimately put more money back in your pocket. Keeping things clean is a great way to keep them at peak performance levels for years to come.

Keeping Your Family Healthy

Air purifiers like the Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne particles from the air, including allergens and bacteria. An air cleaner can help you keep your family healthy so you suffer from fewer sick days off work. If you work from home, breathing easier can even make you more productive to increase your earnings. Staying healthy can help you keep more money in your pocket.

If you’re interested in cashing in on the benefits of an air cleaner, contact Hi-Vac Air Conditioning Service at 954-246-4141. We’ll help you choose and install the best system for your home.

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