Well, this actually falls true for any area in the US, but the best times to invest in a replacement air conditioner for your home is during Spring & Fall seasons. For us here in South Florida, Spring time would be the most ideal as a proactive way to save a bit more time and money before we head into the hot summer months.

Of course the number 1 reason why Spring is the best time is saving money. This is done in both the initial investment as well as the effects of your monthly energy bill from FPL. As for the initial investment, Spring is one of those times during the year that most manufacturers have rebates and incentives that could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars off the up front cost depending on the system you choose. (See my recent post about Trane’s Spring Promotions) On top of the initial savings, your monthly energy bill can be reduced by up to 50% of the cooling cost, which can be hundreds of dollars per year. With the right system installed, not only will the unit pay itself off in no time, but the increased comfort you will experience inside your home is priceless.

The second reason to replace is scheduling. Spring time is generally a “slower” time for A/C companies, well, compared to summer of course. During the slower times you have more time to speak with a professional for any questions you may have, plus scheduling is easier to fit into your timeframe. You will have plenty of time to plan and research, to make sure your choosing the right company and right system for YOUR home. PLUS, in the event that your system does go down, you wont have to deal with the summer heat for very long.

So if your system is over 10 years old, you’ve had frequent repairs or a high electric bill and have been thinking about what options you have, Contact Us.

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