5 Causes of Poor Air Balancing in West Boca, FL

Your West Boca, FL home relies on its air conditioning to stay cool and comfortable when the weather is warm outside, but poor air balancing can mean hot and cold spots here and there. Mismatched component sizes, clogs, leaks, substandard installation and too few vents can all cause poor air balancing. Learn more about some of the causes of poor air balancing.

1. Mismatching Sizes

Proper airflow requires an appropriate static pressure. If your home’s ductwork is too big, then air pressure goes down, and airflow might not get all the way to the end. Conversely, ductwork that’s undersized for its vents can have restricting points where the air pressure is too high.

2. Clogging Over Time

Your air conditioner might have debris accumulate over time. Clogs can happen in the filters that trap dirt, dust, dander and pollen. However, they can also happen in the ductwork.

3. Leaking Ductwork

While ductwork can get clogged and slow down airflow, it can also leak and let air flow out before it gets to the registers or vents. That results in some rooms getting more air than they should and others not getting enough. Leaks that happen before the airflow even gets into your home can be even worse.

4. Too Few Vents Available

Blocked registers or vents are a common culprit behind poor airflow. Be sure they’re all open, and also make sure they’re not blocked by furniture or other items. Leave around 1 foot of open space in all directions for each one.

5. Improper Installation

Installation errors in either your ductwork or the air conditioning itself can result in airflow problems. Bad connections, hard corners and other interruptions can all lower the effectiveness of airflow throughout the entire system.

Proper air balancing keeps your home consistently comfortable from room to room. Are you worried about proper air balancing in your home? Contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for AC repair and other services.

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