3 Reasons DIY AC Installation Is a Terrible Idea in Plantation, FL

Multiple DIY videos on social media show how you can install your air conditioner. However, trying to install the system without involving a professional will end up costing you more than you think. Here is why DIY AC installation in Plantation, FL is a bad idea.

The Task Is Risky

An air conditioner requires a refrigerant to cool your home. Although this fluid contributes to your comfort, it is a toxic and controlled substance that should be handled only by a professional.

Also, the system has multiple electrical components that enable the unit to conduct its function. Trying to install your system by yourself puts you at risk of electric shock.

A professional technician has the necessary training to conduct this task. They understand the safety procedures to follow, so they can complete the job without endangering anyone.

You Risk Damaging Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner has some sensitive components that you should handle with care. Installing the system by yourself might damage some of these components, interfering with their functionality.

You will need to seek repair services and pay for them, which is an extra cost that you had not planned for. Hiring a professional technician will save you from such troubles.

You Will Void Your Warranty

Air conditioner manufacturers cover their units with a warranty. This document notes that the company is ready to do repairs should the system develop problems within a certain period.

They can even replace your unit if it breaks down beyond repair within the stipulated period. However, these companies note that DIY repairs and installations will void the warranty.

Contact us at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for professional air conditioning service and avoid the hassle and risks of DIY installations. Our service technicians are highly trained, have installed multiple types of air conditioners for years, and they always deliver quality service.

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