3 Benefits of a UV Air Cleaner

UV air cleaners or air purifiers create a kind of ultraviolet light that the Earth’s atmosphere usually blocks. You can have an air sterilization light installed in your ductwork or get a coil sterilization light for your heating and air conditioning system’s indoor air handler. A UV air cleaner for your Coral Springs, Florida, home can help you reduce biological growth, get rid of bad smells, and make your house healthier.

Less Biological Growth

A UV lamp can get rid of biological growth that could cause unsightly stains on your walls, ceilings, or floors. It can also prevent a dirty or clogged air filter that could reduce your HVAC system’s airflow, shorten your unit’s life, and raise your utility bills. A UV air purifier can even reduce household dust by keeping insects from multiplying and eventually decomposing.

You should replace your heater and air conditioner’s air filter at least every few months to keep pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust, smoke particles, and dirt out of your house. Have the bulb in your UV light replaced once per year as well.

Fewer Bad Smells

You can use a UV air cleaner to get rid of stale air or musty smells. You can also keep your ductwork in good condition longer and avoid costly, time-consuming repairs because the light can kill many different microorganisms and keep pests such as dust mites from reproducing within your ducts.

Better Health

UV cleaners eliminate bacteria and viruses, so they can prevent colds and many other illnesses. They’re ideal for people with weakened immune systems or anyone who wants to avoid missing work or keep kids from staying home instead of going to school.

HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service has an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and more than 60 years of HVAC and indoor air quality experience. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. For great service from our friendly experts, call us anytime at 954-246-4141.

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