Is IAQ Really Worse During Winter in Dania Beach, FL?

Many homeowners wonder whether their indoor air quality (IAQ) worsens during the winter months. According to the American Lung Association, indoor air becomes more polluted during this season. Several factors are responsible and understanding them can help you take steps to ensure a healthier IAQ and living environment in Dania Beach, FL.

Lack of Ventilation

During colder months, we seal our homes tightly to conserve heat, and this drastically limits ventilation. This reduced airflow can lead to the accumulation of indoor pollutants, such as dust and volatile organic compounds. The EPA reports that concentrations of some pollutants can be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

Heating Systems Can Add Pollutants to the Air

Heating systems can also negatively affect indoor air quality. Furnaces and wood-burning stoves may release particles and gases that, when not adequately ventilated, can degrade air quality. According to the American Lung Association, exposure to these pollutants can worsen respiratory conditions, especially for individuals with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Festivities Can Release Chemicals into the Environment

The winter season often brings scented candles and increased cooking. While these contribute to a cozy, homey atmosphere, they can release additional pollutants into the air. The Cleveland Clinic notes that candle use contributes to indoor air pollution as it releases soot and other harmful particles into the environment.

Holiday decorations can also degrade indoor air quality by releasing chemicals and particles into the air. Glitter and other decorations may emit tiny particles that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Artificial snow can also add to the problem because it comes from spray cans that can cause those nearby to breathe in chemical fumes.

Taking Simple Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

To improve indoor air quality during the winter, consider some simple steps. Regularly ventilate your home by opening a window or two, for a short period, to allow in fresh air.

Use exhaust fans when cooking and ensure proper ventilation for heating systems. Additionally, choose candles made from natural materials and minimize the use of air fresheners containing synthetic fragrances.

Beeswax or soy candles are excellent natural alternatives to their traditional paraffin counterparts as they burn cleanly. When looking for natural air fresheners, consider using essential oil diffusers or potpourri made from dried flowers and herbs to maintain a fresh scent.

When engaging in household cleaning, opt for solutions that do not contain synthetic chemicals to minimize the buildup of volatile organic compounds. There is a wide range of natural cleaning solutions to choose from that can adequately kill bacteria and provide a fresh scent. Of course, good old-fashioned white vinegar and baking soda work wonders.

Choosing decorations comprised of natural materials can help maintain a healthier indoor environment during festivities. There is a wide array of available options. For example, opting to use pinecones and real greenery can help avoid introducing harmful pollutants.

Seek Professional Help With Improving Indoor Air Quality

For additional help with improving indoor air quality, obtain the help of trained professionals, such as certified HVAC technicians. These specialists will conduct thorough assessments of ventilation systems, and they will test indoor air by using specialized tools. Upon completing a comprehensive assessment, they will provide valuable insights and recommendations for enhancing air quality.

HVAC professionals will present a variety of tailored solutions. Some of these include air purifiers and filtration systems. Because there is a wide range of products on the market, collaboration is key for making the right choices for each unique situation.

While winter brings the desire for coziness indoors, it is essential to be mindful of the indoor air quality in our homes. If you want help improving your indoor air quality this winter with professional, top-quality solutions, contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service.

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