How and Why to Improve Airflow in Margate, FL

As a resident of Margate, FL, you’ve probably had your good share of hot, humid summer days. But what if your home’s ventilation never improves, even as the temperature cools? Learn about ways to increase airflow in your house, from setting up ceiling fans to installing a ventilator.

Switch on the Ceiling Fans

Setting up some ceiling fans is a simple way to improve ventilation. Ensure your fans rotate counterclockwise to disperse cold air throughout the summer. Installing ceiling fans circulates the air, creating a wind-chill effect.

Regular Maintenance of the HVAC

An annual tune-up may not seem like a massive issue to you, particularly when the air conditioner is new, but it may make a significant difference in how your HVAC system functions. When we do regular checkups, we clean the system from top to bottom, test operation, clear out accumulated dirt and search for faults that may decelerate your HVAC system.

We also replace the air filter, which can get clogged and restrict airflow during use. We recommend that you change the filter every 30 days through periods of intensive use and every 90 days for the remainder of the year.

Cleaning of Ducts

While air filters collect dust, grime and other pollutants and keep them from accumulating inside your HVAC system, airborne contaminants can still enter several ways. Many homes’ ductwork has some cracks and leaks, allowing dust, biological growth and other material to enter.

These contaminants can build up over time and clog the airflow through the ductwork. Thankfully, duct cleaning will solve this problem. If you feel blocked ducts are restricting your airflow, contact our staff to inspect them.

Correctly Installed Duct Lines

An expert should plan every duct run in a house to provide a certain amount of air to a specific location. Anything that alters the ductwork layout alters its capacity to supply the required air. If you alter the ductwork and inhibit airflow, different zones in your home may never receive the warm or cool air needed to keep it comfortable.

Purchase a Ventilator

In many circumstances, investing in an HVAC ventilator is the most effective strategy to increase airflow. The ventilator pumps out stale air and pulls in fresh air, allowing air to circulate freely throughout your home.

Ventilators also reduce humidity, making your house more pleasant. This reduces the strain on your HVAC system and increases overall efficiency.

Examine the Vents and Registers

Checking the vents and registers in every room is one of the simplest ways to improve airflow in your house. Make it a point to keep every register open, even if you don’t need to cool a specific space. Closing registers makes your HVAC unit work harder to carry conditioned air to where it ought to go, which can exacerbate airflow issues.

When you have some rooms that don’t require as much heating or cooling as the others, it’s important to create zones within your HVAC system. This gives you more flexibility on temperature and airflow control without compromising efficiency. You will control the air conditioning of each zone separately when need be, hence saving on energy costs.

Maintain a Tidy Home

By keeping your home clean, you won’t overwhelm your HVAC filters. This will allow your air to circulate more freely since your equipment will work more efficiently.

Contact us HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service to get information on improvements and services, such as AC repair or heat pump installations. You’ll get our satisfaction guarantee and first-rate service when you choose us for your AC and ventilation needs.

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