Split and Packaged Air Conditioners: Which is Right For You?

When shopping for a new air conditioner for your Sunrise, Florida, home you will likely come across the terms split and packaged air conditioners. These two types of air conditioners are both forms of central air but have different features you should consider when upgrading your current system. 

Split Air Conditioners

Split air conditioners refer to the way that the air conditioner is split into separate units. One unit contains the evaporator coil, and the other includes the condenser. A line-set connects the two units transferring the refrigerant from one to the other. A split unit has one component outside and one part inside your home. The inside unit typically is located in a closet or in the attic where it is out of sight. 

Split air conditioners are larger than packaged air conditioners which is why they need to be housed in two separate locations.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Packages air conditioners can be located on the roof or in the yard of a home and are much smaller than split air conditioners. It still has an evaporator coil and condenser, but they are all contained in one unit. Not everyone has the space for a split air conditioner. If your home doesn’t have an attic or space for two separate units, then a packaged unit might be the best choice if you want to have central air in your home. 

Which One is Right for You?

Both systems have pros and cons. A split air conditioner is typically an efficient air conditioner with many models with high SEER ratings. Often the split air conditioner is less expensive to maintain than a packaged system. These systems are also quieter than most packaged air conditioners. If you have space, then there are different options to place part of the split unit, which can go in a variety of places like a closet, attic, or the garage. . 

Packaged air conditioners aren’t as efficient as split air conditioners. In fact, they typically are only available up to a 14 SEER rating. Packaged systems can also be installed on a concrete slab on the ground; however, if you have the space for it there, a split system is typically a better option since you can opt for a more efficient system that would save you money over the life of the air conditioner. 

For similar SEER-rated systems, a package system and split system are relatively close in price. A split system often takes more time to install, which may add to the cost of the installation. If you’re choosing a lower SEER-rated air conditioner, then the price won’t be significant, and you can opt for whatever type of air conditioner you prefer. 

If you’re replacing your current system, it makes sense to replace it with the same type of system you have. The structure is already in place for that type of system. If you are looking for a higher-efficiency system, then you would have to switch from your packaged system, but you could opt to add efficient upgrades to your home to save money on your utility bills instead of changing to a split system with higher efficiency. 

If you aren’t sure what type of air conditioner you have, or what you should pick, then let us help you. We can analyze your current system, your needs, and budget to find you the perfect air conditioner for your home. Contact HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service at 954-246-4141 to speak to an experienced professional today. 

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