7 Reasons To Improve Airflow in Margate, FL, and How to Do It

You want to breathe fresh air inside your home, but you won’t be able to do this if your HVAC system is producing inconsistent airflow. If you notice that your HVAC system is taking forever to cool down or heat up, the cause of the problem could be the airflow and not the equipment. In this guide, you’ll learn the importance of steady airflow inside your Margate, FL, home and how to improve it.

Improving Airflow for Health and Comfort

With inefficient air circulation come a wide range of issues. Your furnace will take longer to run in order to reach the pre-set temperature. The air you breathe will seem dusty, and your home will feel uncomfortable to live in.

Stifling air can also lead to a congested atmosphere and cause health problems, such as asthma and bronchitis. Regular maintenance service from technicians will help cut toxins, germs and dangerous particles from the air.

Clearing and Unblocking Vents

Often the most overlooked component of an HVAC system is the air vent. Cleaning the vent grilles of dirt, dust and debris collected over the years will keep fresh air flowing as it should.

If the vents are blocked by carpets, draperies, furniture or other objects, moving them away from the vents will unblock them. This will not only increase the system’s ability to supply enough air but also reduce energy costs and increase comfort.

Cleaning the Return Grille

A dirty return grille will impede air movement, making the HVAC unit run more than it should. Cleaning the grilles with a wet cloth or vacuum cleaner can improve your indoor air quality.

Sealing Ductwork

More than 20% of the incoming air gets lost through damaged or unsealed ductwork. As a result, you’ll notice improper air circulation. Air loss due to faulty ductwork also leads to higher utility bills.

Some of the surefire signs that your ductwork has holes or leaks are dusty rooms and cold or warm spots in just certain areas of the home. Our technicians have the skills to locate leaks and damage on the air ductwork and seal them for long-term use.

Installing Ventilators for Airflow

Investing in ventilators can go a long way toward improving airflow in your home. Ventilators are devices designed to flush out the dirty and stale air from inside the house and draw in fresh air from the outside, and conditioning it before sending in through the ductwork. They help maintain the flow throughout the home.

The ventilators also lower the humidity level and increase your comfort. They do this by trapping the energy from the outgoing air and using it to precondition the air that’s flowing in. Your HVAC system will be less stressed and more efficient due to this mechanism.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Most airflow issues are easy to fix, so scheduling regular maintenance with our HVAC experts is the best way to ensure proper airflow. Maintenance ensures that your HVAC runs efficiently and allows technicians to catch problems in a timely manner.

Replacing the Air Conditioner

If nothing else works and you know it’s a very old air conditioner, now is the time to replace it with a newer energy-efficient model. Airflow can greatly improve once you install the right-sized unit.

Remember that bigger is not always better. Oversized units produce an inconsistent flow of air, and they are also expensive for your pocketbook. They cycle on and off continuously, putting more pressure on the parts and components while making the room feel stuffy and congested.

Our technicians are well versed in fixing problems relating to airflow in all types of air conditioner models. If your home in Margate, FL, has airflow issues or needs HVAC repairs, maintenance or installation, contact our HVAC experts at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service.

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