7 Reasons to Control Humidity in Your Sunrise, FL Home

If you’re like many homeowners in Sunrise, FL, you probably focus more on the air temperature in your home than the level of humidity there. However, humidity is a crucial component of your interior climate, and it can impact more things than you realize. Here, we discuss seven good reasons for controlling the humidity inside your home.

1. Comfort

Human beings rely on perspiration to remove internal heat and keep a stable body temperature. When the relative humidity is comfortably low, it’s easier for your body to do that, which helps you stay cool when the weather outside is warm

If the humidity level is too high, it’s harder for perspiration to evaporate, which means you stay warmer than might be comfortable or even physically safe. An indoor relative moisture level of 30% to 50% is comfortable for most people.

2. Biological Contaminants

Dark and humid spaces are breeding grounds for different biological contaminants. Proper ventilation is crucial to moving moisture out of bathrooms and attics to prevent the growth of things you don’t want in your home.

At best, such biological contaminants might look and smell bad. At worst, they can be hazardous to the health of your household. Keeping humidity at a healthy and comfortable level prevents or curtails the growth of many things that your home is better off without, and you can breathe easier as a result.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Your home’s indoor air quality doesn’t just impact the people who breathe it all the time, as your hardwood floors are also susceptible to higher moisture levels. Drastic fluctuations in humidity can take a toll with constant cycles of expansion and shrinkage that can warp and separate your floorboards over time. The damage might become visible enough to ruin the look of your flooring, and it might even make your floors uneven and unsafe.

4. Musical Instruments

Something else made of wood that humidity can damage is musical instruments. Solid wood pieces can expand or shrink with changing humidity, and that can ruin your instruments if they’re exposed long enough. Everything from the shape to the performance of your instruments can change in ways that make you want to stop playing as often as you used to.

5. Electronics

Water and electronics are rarely a good combination, and water can be especially destructive when it takes the form of atmospheric moisture. High humidity levels might result in condensation on electronics that corrodes internal components and causes short-circuiting.

That can deteriorate the performance of your electronics and make them need replacement sooner than might have otherwise happened. This would mean that you’d have to spend money on new technology before you had expected to.

6. Sleep

Comfortable levels of humidity are crucial to getting a good night’s sleep, and humidity impacts both the quantity and quality of your sleeping hours. When the air is comfortable in your home, everyone can fall asleep easier and get enough hours of sleep. Proper levels of humidity also make it easier to stay asleep instead of tossing, turning and trying to stay cool.

7. Wine

If you collect wine, you likely know that humidity can impact it. High humidity can shrink a cork and let oxygen into the bottle in question, and that can do anything from altering the taste to spoiling the bottle entirely. Properly maintaining humidity levels in your home can keep the corks in your wine collection snug in their bottles so that the wines age properly and taste great when you open them.

Along with using a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels in your home, you can integrate a whole-home dehumidifier and smart home technology into your current system. In any event, you’ll need professional technicians to make sure your humidity levels indoors are where you want them. Contact our team at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for all your home’s air conditioning and indoor comfort needs.

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