7 Questions to Ask a Potential HVAC Contractor in Cooper City, FL

Comparison shopping for a potential HVAC contractor in Cooper City, FL can be a daunting task. But having a go-to service provider for your cooling, heating and air conditioning needs is important to be able to quickly and affordably maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. To help you filter your options faster, here are seven questions to ask that can differentiate between a reliable contractor and a bad one.

What Are Your Credentials?

If there is one good way to determine an HVAC contractor’s proficiency and skill, it’s their credentials. What licenses, certifications and permits the contractor holds can tell you the extent of their professional experience. Some industry-standard certification programs include NATE, EPA, R-410A and IAQ certification and is information typically made available on the HVAC business’s website.

How Long Have You Been Working as an HVAC Contractor?

This is naturally the next question to ask when vetting prospective HVAC contractors. While strong credentials give your prospect a solid grasp of theoretical concepts in HVAC systems, actual field experience is what determines firsthand competence in replacing an air filter, cleaning a condenser coil or repairing a broken motor belt. And although there isn’t a specific number you should be looking for, find someone with more than a year or two of contractor experience.

What’s Your Office Location?

An HVAC business that does not have an official physical location listed on their website or any other marketing material should raise a big red flag. Every legitimate company should have a physical location even if the business is a sole proprietor or independent contractor. If you are looking for air conditioning repair in Cooper City, FL, for instance, check a contractor’s website for the areas they service.

Can You Provide a Price Guarantee?

It’s a common issue when dealing with contractors — you get a quote for planned services, and then, the contractor ups the cost halfway through the project. To avoid this deceptive tactic, ask a prospective contractor if they can guarantee the quoted price, and if so, have them put that in writing.

Are Your Technicians Background Checked?

Since HVAC work involves a technician going to your home to perform the labor required, you’d want to know if the person entering your premises is trustworthy. Ask the HVAC company what their employment hiring process is like; for example, do they perform drug screening and criminal background checks, and if so, how often are they requiring their employees to undergo said screening. You can also get a better sense of how satisfactory an HVAC contractor’s customer service is by reading past client reviews and testimonials.

Does Your HVAC Contractor Clean Up?

If you’re scheduling an air conditioner installation, for instance, is your contractor going to remove the old unit from the property, or are they leaving you to deal with it? In addition to removing any equipment you no longer need, the HVAC technician should also perform a thorough cleanup of the site, especially if the project left a significant amount of debris around. If they do offer cleanup or disposal, you should inquire if there are any fees involved for said services.

Do You Offer a Warranty For Your Products and Services?

In most cases, a cheaper quote on a service usually also means a shorter warranty period, which can prove to be a disastrous and more expensive deal in the long run. Does your HVAC contractor offer extended warranty, and if so, do you need to pay extra for it? Another follow-up question to that is if they place higher priority on customer service calls and requests from customers with an extended warranty coverage.

These questions should help you get a better grasp of your prospective HVAC contractor’s reliability and competence. If you want to learn more about our HVAC services or the HVAC brands and equipment we carry, give HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service a call, today.

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