7 Common HVAC Myths in Cooper City, FL

Whether it gets cold or hot here in Cooper City, FL, your HVAC system keeps you comfortable. There are misconceptions surrounding the operation of your HVAC system. Here are some common HVAC myths and misconceptions surrounding your HVAC system and the facts behind them.

1. A Bigger HVAC System Means Better Cooling and Heating

A bigger AC doesn’t mean better services or savings. It’s important to install a new HVAC system that fits your home. An oversized unit may provide enough home comfort but may also frequently turn on and off.

The cycles often don’t run long enough to eliminate high levels of humidity inside your home. A system that is too large is also likely to cool the rooms closest to the system, but not those rooms at the end of the duct runs.

Alternatively, a smaller unit may run longer than it should and increase your utility bills. An HVAC technician should conduct a load calculation on your home and advise you on the right-sized system for you.

2. Closing the Vents and Registers Reduces the Cost Heating and Cooling

Despite having levers that allow closing and restricting airflow, don’t close vents and registers. This is because the system has specific measurements that fit your home to balance the pressure load. If the vents and registers are blocked, it affects the airflow and pressure.

With airflow problems, your HVAC system must run longer than it should, which reduces its energy efficiency. Additionally, airflow problems may lead to duct leaks.

3. Keeping the Same Temperatures Throughout the Day Prevents the System From Using More Energy

If such a myth is true, we wouldn’t need programmable thermostats. A programmable thermostat adjusts the temperature settings throughout the day, depending on the immediate need and preference. The fact is it takes less energy to cool your home on a hot afternoon than to maintain constant temperature settings.

4. Seal Air Duct Leaks Using Duct Tape

Duct tape shouldn’t seal your air duct leak. Sealing leaking air ducts is best done by a professional and with the right material, such as a mastic sealant. A mastic sealant is the best material for sealing leaking ducts.

5. Portable Electric Heaters Save More Energy and Money Than the Central HVAC System

Saving energy using a portable heater depends on circumstances. For instance, if you’re in one spot within your home and have a portable heater nearby, you can turn off the central heater. Such a circumstance allows you to save more money and energy when using a space heater than the central heater.

Unfortunately, many people don’t turn off the central heater when using the portable heating unit. Such cases only add to energy consumption and increase your utility bills. Additionally, gas heating systems are more energy-efficient than electric heaters.

6. You Only Need the Square Footage of Your Home to Size a New HVAC System

Many factors dictate the size of a new cooling and heating system. Factors such as window orientation and insulation levels have a role in selecting and installing a new HVAC unit. Depending only on the square footage may lead to oversizing the system and would attract a higher up-front fee.

To reduce the risk of oversizing your new system, always speak to your HVAC contractor and discuss how they will calculate the right size. You’ll also need assurance that the new system will fit with the existing ductwork. The right size HVAC unit will not only save you money but will last longer than an oversized one.

7. Air Leaks Around Your Home Are Easy to Find

While finding air leaks around your windows and doors is easy, other air leaks may prove difficult to find. Areas such as the ceiling and chimney are hard to reach and could have insulation problems. HVAC experts recommend scheduling a home energy audit with an experienced specialist to find the energy inefficiencies.

Using a blower door test, the technician can pinpoint air leaks around your home and advise you accordingly. Where the air leaks are might surprise you.

Always talk to a professional HVAC technician when you have any questions about your system. Myths can misguide you and may cost you money based on unfounded claims. Contact the team at HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service for proper air conditioner installation.

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