4 Ways Your HVAC System Impacts Your Pembroke Pines, FL Employees

You probably appreciate your company’s HVAC system for keeping your team comfortable and your machines operating well. What you may not realize is that its impact on your team can actually affect your bottom line. Read on for info about four ways your HVAC system may impact your employees.

1. Air Circulation

One of the challenges of commercial buildings is how stagnant the air becomes due to poor natural circulation. Residential buildings often have some circulation capabilities thanks to windows, doors and other ways to let air in. Stagnant air can make it feel more difficult to breathe and even lead to nausea in some people.

Beyond heating and cooling, keeping the air moving is one of the primary tasks of an HVAC system. Depending on the size and setup of your commercial space, you may need multiple air handlers.

2. Air Temperature

Most people recognize the job of the HVAC system is to keep the space at the desired temperature. There will always be internal debates about what the ideal temperature is for your building.

However, the Department of Energy suggests the ideal temperature for winter is around 68 degrees. Over the summer, try to minimize the difference between your set temperature and the temperature outside. One common recommendation is around 78 degrees once the hot summer temperatures set in.

The reason that temperature is so important is what happens to productivity, especially if people are warm. One study suggested that productivity drops about 4% for every degree above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in manual labor environments. By simply maintaining a cooler environment, you protect your team’s productivity and, therefore, your business’s profitability.

3. Air Quality

There is a lot tied into indoor air quality, as you have no doubt experienced and read. There are the obvious components of removing airborne contaminants from the air your staff breathes. However, it actually goes well beyond that, and it has wide-ranging implications for your employees.

Air quality, at a high level, looks at the number of airborne contaminants in your space. These contaminants can come from internal sources, like the particles produced from manufacturing. However, they may also come from external sources, including plants outside, fumes, and more.

Humidity is also a key component of air quality, contributing to additional contaminants when it’s too high or low. The EPA suggests the ideal indoor humidity ranges from 30% to 50%.

Poor indoor air quality leads to multiple implications for your team. Poor air quality increases the risk of illness, which translates into higher absenteeism rates and lost production. Using your HVAC system to effectively control your air quality keeps everyone sharp in an environment conducive to success.

4. Noise

Some work environments are already noisy, depending on what equipment you have running. However, your workspace may not have these extra noises, and loud HVAC equipment may further disrupt productivity.

Commercial HVAC equipment is generally noisier than its residential counterparts. However, an equipment room contains most of the noise, though equipment might also be located outside of the building instead. The most common cause of disruptive noise comes from neglecting a system’s required maintenance.

Using HVAC to Help Employees Excel

There are several steps you can take to ensure your HVAC system aids in employee performance rather than disrupt it. First, start by ensuring you have the right-sized system for each space. A properly sized system ensures it effectively and efficiently heats and cools your space, plus reduces annoyances like noises and breakdowns.

Next, ensure you get the routine maintenance recommended for your system. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your system running reliably. Part of maintenance is identifying small problems before they can affect the rest of the system, causing more disruption.

Don’t let your HVAC system cost your company in your employees’ productivity. Call to schedule a commercial HVAC consultation with the expert technicians at HI-VAC Air Conditioning service today.

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