4 Efficient HVAC Systems

If your HVAC system is more than about a decade old, you can conserve energy by replacing it with a more modern, efficient model. A new system can also lower your power bills and help the environment by reducing pollution from fossil fuels. Getting new equipment can prevent an inconvenient, uncomfortable breakdown, as well. You’ll have a lot of time to do research, speak to a professional, and decide on the best unit for your family. Some of the most efficient HVAC systems for your Cooper City, Florida, home include ductless models, variable-speed systems, heat pumps, and hybrid units.

Ductless Models

A mini-split or ductless system uses an outdoor compressor or condenser that’s attached with a small pipe for refrigerant to one or more indoor units. A ductless HVAC system will prevent you from having warm or drafty rooms from leaks in your ductwork or badly designed ducts. In addition, you won’t need to get your ducts cleaned or repaired.

The technician who installs your ductless system will block any existing air registers to keep pests, dust, pollen, pet dander, dirt, biological growth, and other pollutants from getting into your ducts. This can improve your home’s indoor air quality and prevent eye irritation, sore throats, fatigue, headaches, and other health problems.

You can hang a ductless system’s indoor units on your walls or ceilings, and this equipment is available in a variety of colors and styles. It’s also much smaller than a conventional HVAC system. With more than one indoor unit, people can choose the temperature they prefer for their bedrooms without impacting the comfort of others. They can also avoid conditioning empty rooms.

Variable-Speed HVAC Systems

Multi-stage or variable-speed HVAC systems have indoor air handlers that can run at more than one rate. Because they only need to run at full power occasionally, they don’t use as much energy as many other kinds of systems. They’re quieter, and they can control your home’s humidity more effectively by working longer.

Many variable-speed systems will adjust their speeds gradually to reduce distractions for you and your family. They can also keep track of changes to your outdoor temperature or indoor humidity and make alterations automatically. This prevents many uncomfortable temperature fluctuations along with water damage or biological growth from high moisture levels. A variable-speed fan can also extend your HVAC system’s life span by reducing wear.

Heat Pumps

In winter, a heat pump transfers heat to the inside of your home using refrigerant. Then, it reverses the process to cool your house in summer the same way an air conditioner would. Because these systems don’t have to create their own heat, they’re more energy-efficient than many other options. They’re also easier to install than an air conditioner with a separate heater or furnace.

Hybrid Systems

Dual-fuel or hybrid HVAC systems contain a heat pump and a heater such as an electric model or a natural gas or propane furnace. Heat pumps aren’t efficient in weather that’s more than a few degrees below freezing, so having a backup heat source can keep very cold days from becoming expensive or uncomfortable. There aren’t many days below freezing here in Florida, but some people still decide on a hybrid system.

Even on warmer winter days, low fuel prices can make these devices extremely affordable. You can combine an air conditioner with a gas or electric heater, as well.

HI-VAC Air Conditioning Service has more than 60 years of heating and cooling experience and an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’re also a Trane Comfort Specialist and a Rheem Pro Partner. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and we can help you decide which HVAC system is best for your home and family. For friendly, skilled service from our trained technicians, call us anytime at 954-246-4141. We’re a family-owned business, and we’re happy to answer all your questions.

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